How to Fix Unreadable MP4 Files

 In this busy world, musics and videos are the best mean to entertain yourself. There is hardly anyone who denied to watch videos and movies. No matter whether you are a professional one or a beginner user, everyone in this era loves to shoot & play video. Thus, to enhance your way and to make video streaming even more simpler and easier, several sorts of video file format came into existence. MP4 video is one among them which is also known as MPEG file. The file format is well developed to provide better quality of video even on handy & portable devices such as mobile phone, digital camcorder and many others. However, in spite of its advancements, the MP4 file is still prone to corruption which lead to unreadable MP4 file problem.

Now, consider a situation that you have gone to your sister marriage ceremony and shot all those glorious moments in MP4 file format. After a while all those captured video gets deleted accidentally or become unreadable. Think what would happen to you. It’s really a nightmare situation, which you never look to have. But, what to do, if such sort of dilemma takes place in midway? How to fix unreadable MP4 files easily? These are some of the common questions which majority of users searching for. Well, if you are the one among them, then you are at the right place now.


Probable Causes for Unreadable MP4 Files

It occurs due to;

  • Accidentally pressing wrong delete button,
  • Shooting or playing video while the battery is low,
  • Presence of malware,
  • Problem with header file,
  • Internal file system corruption,
  • Playing video on unsupported platforms,
  • Human error,
  • Other hardware or software issue.

Way to Resolve Unreadable MP4 Files

There are various of ways that may come to your rescue, using a proper backup is one among them which allow you to rescue MP4 files easily. However, it has been commonly seen that mass users fails to have a proper backup of their stored files due to which they fail to make use of backup option. You may also make use of the system restore facility, to restore your system files at a previous date. However, if the problem still persist, then opting for third party digital photo recovery software is the best alternative.

Digital Photo Recovery Software: Tool to Rescue MP4 Files

Digital photo recovery software is really an amazing tool to rescue MP4 files and its co-ordinates. Its highly reliable nature and most effective algorithm perform a thorough scan of entire storage media along with external hard drives and generate a list of scanned files that has to be recovered. More while, the tool is also made available with latest graphical user interface which makes the recovery process even simpler and easier. So, what are you looking for, just try it and undelete MP4 files easily.

User’s Guide to Recover Unreadable MP4 Files

Step 1. Download and install digital photo recovery software.

Step 2. Attach the media source to your PC and select the required drive.

Step 3. Click on start scan button.

Step 4. Now, see the preview of recoverable MP4 files after scanning.

Step 5. After that, all the recovered file get stored in different folders according to their category.

Step 6. Finally select the specific location to save the recovered unreadable MP4 files.



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